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Sunset Over the Bay, Galveston, TXSunset Over the Bay, Galveston, TXSunset Over the Bay, Galveston, TX

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To some, Galveston will always be an island defined by its storied past, its 19th-century elegance, big-city ambitions, notorious seaport and even more legendary storms. But visitors to the island these days might be forgiven for thinking they’ve happened upon a new golden age, one even more glorious than the last.

From world-class museums to brand-spanking-new cruise ships, from the explosion in entertainment and dining options to the ever-growing number of places to stay, shop, and explore, this is not your grandfather’s Galveston — or your father’s, for that matter. Except that it is.

The atmosphere is still as warm and friendly as the breezes. The beaches — as beautiful and inviting as they’ve ever been — still go on forever. It’s Galveston as you always knew it, and always knew it could be.

And for these reasons and so many others? It’s most definitely Island Time.


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