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Love the Ocean? So do we.

Updated 195 days ago

On an island surrounded by salty waves and glistening sidewalks. It is almost impossible to resist the soothing temptation of the oceanic escape of Galveston. One of the cities most valued and treasured attractions; lay waiting for exploration and attention.

A great way to expand your vacation beyond the shore is going on one of Galveston's famous Harbor Tours. Coming from off the coast, I never have experienced a tour afloat. This is an incredible way to get kids and young adults to step out of bounds and witness the wonders of the ocean beyond Galveston. The boat features a two story seating area, both fantastic for sightseeing. The staff has an incredible attitude in which can provide the customers with a new perspective on the island. The Galveston bay is truly an amazing experience for anyone who has a love for the ocean. Especially if you or anyone in the family prefer not to be on the beach. 

While you are on the waves of the Galveston Harbor, you will be accompanied by one of the cities most social sea animals. Dolphins are the rave here on the island and the tour is your ticket to riding alongside the sea creatures we know and love. 

The Harbor tour location is neighbored by the Strand Historic District. Before or after the tour you can walk down and experience the most diverse and inventive area of Galveston. This downtown area is perfect for creating memories and exploring some of the most popular eateries. 

As a teenager here in Galveston, I recommend the Harbor tours to be one of the greatest treasures of the island. Not only was I able to experience the ocean in an incredible way; I was able to learn more about this magnificent vacation spot. 

The perfect beach trip is only amounted to the boundaries we set. How far you go and what you’re willing to explore will provide you with endless opportunities the island has to offer.

Article written by Cody Baird

Cody Baird is a young aspiring Journalist in Galveston, Texas. He has written numerous pieces including articles, short stories, and poetry. He enjoys a great story and an even better plot twist.