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Classic French cuisine is a passion both Executive Pastry Chef Trayce Hepler and Executive Chef Edie Rodriguez share. Having graduated together from the Galveston College Culinary Arts program in 2001, they both shared a dream that one day after perfecting their craft theywould join forces, and open their own French Pastry Bakery and Deli. They embarked upon an opportunity that has now opened a brand new door to their very own Bakery and Deli.

Hepler and Rodriguez have put together a very simple but elegant menu of Classic French pastries, desserts, specialty cakes, a large variety of French Macarons, and deli items.  

Lunch boxes are available for purchase. Please place your lunch orders before 10am, and pick them up by 11:30am.


Hours of Operation
Open daily 7am - 5pm

Note: Hours may be seasonal and subject to change.