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Neither of the houses at this site were here when Johnson was growing up in Galveston, but the little shotgun-style house at 808 is typical of the homes of African American working people at the turn of the last century.

World Heavyweight Champion, 1908-1915
John Arthur “Jack” Johnson was born in Galveston on March 31, 1879. He lived at 808 Broadway and several other locations in the city. He attended Galveston Public school and in later years worked as a stevedore on the wharf. His boxing career started in Galveston with 113 fights, of which he only lost six. He left Galveston, traveled the world and amidst much controversy became the heavyweight champion of the world. He was a talented, clever, astute and proud gentleman who was not afraid to date white women in a time when such scandal put an African American man's very life in jeopardy. Jack Johnson died in a car accident in July of 1946.