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Texas' First African American High School, 1885.

Central High School was organized in 1885, thanks to the influence of the Honorable Norris Wright Cuney, an outstanding African American leader.

The first high school was located in rented quarters on 16th and Avenue L. In 1893, land was purchased by the Galveston School Board between 26th and 27th Streets on Avenue M and a building designed by the famous Nicholas Clayton was erected. In 1924, a new wing was added to the building on the west side. This addition now houses the Old Central Cultural Center which was organized by Dr. L. A. Morgan, the fourth principal.

The final Central High School Building was erected in 1954 and spanned from 31st to 33rd Streets between Avenue H and Avenue I. The integration of Galveston's public schools in 1968 merged Central High and Ball High Schools. The 31st Street building is now Central Middle School.