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Murals Guide to Galveston

Updated 702 days ago

Visitors to Galveston can count on some surprises, whether it’s a newly renovated Victorian East End home, a cool shop opening on The Strand, or a new restaurant beckoning customers to stop on in.

The proverbial elephant in the room, though, is the wealth of eye-catching murals interspersed throughout the island by the sea. Some of them are art deco, others are abstract and others border on the whimsical.

But they all share the common quality: they expose Galveston’s vibrant art scene to the world. Just ask Reyna Collura, director of education at the Galveston Arts Center.

“The murals create an atmosphere of creativity and artistic expression,” she said. “They show that Galveston is a place where artists are valued and different forms of expression are welcome.”

In fact, the Galveston Arts Center is unveiling a new mural May 27th at Maceo Spice and Import Company, 2607 Market St. The colorful mural was created in March and April by by Daniel Anguilu with local students from the Bernardo de Galvez Academy.

Stop by Maceo Spice and Import Company from 4-8 p.m. Saturday to enjoy live music by local reggae/roots band DEM, craft beer from Galveston Island Brewery, and light bites on their brand new patio alongside the mural, located on the east wall of the store.

Here are some other must-see murals in Galveston:

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"Greetings from Galveston," Saengerfest Park
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Sea Turtle
"Sea Turtle," Menard Park
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The Kindness Project
"The Kindness Project," 22nd & Postoffice
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Sea-Wall Mural
"See-Wall Mural," Seawall Boulevard
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Coca-Cola Mural
"Coca-Cola," 22nd & Church
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"African-American Museum," 35th & Broadway



Greetings From Galveston, Saengerfest Park, 23rd and The Strand
This colorful mural was completed by longtime Galveston artist Gabriel Prusmack, and commissioned by the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Sea Turtle, Menard Park, 28th & Seawall Blvd.
Prusmack also created the large mural on the band shell at the park at 2222 28th St. It depicts each of the five species of sea turtles that visit the Gulf of Mexico – the green sea turtle, the loggerhead, the hawksbill, the leatherback and Kemp’s ridley. The mural was commissioned by Turtle Island Restoration Network and funded through a generous donation by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

The Kindness Project, 22nd & Postoffice
A team of Galveston artists has spent months completing this whimsical mural in historic downtown Galveston. The central character is the Be Kind bee, spreading the idea of kindness for locals and visitors alike.

See-Wall Mural, the world's largest and longest mural along Seawall Boulevard
The 2.4-mile mural was conceived and designed by Peter Davis, and executed by volunteers under the supervision of local and regional artists. Scenes depict marine life, birds and images of Galveston attractions.

Bank Building, 25th & Market
In 2001 Cara Moore painted this three-panel mural of Texas historic motifs.

Coca-Cola, 22nd & Church
Since 1905 this mural, located on 22nd between Church and Winnie by Roederer and Weber, has proclaimed “Drink Coca-Cola” and “5¢ Sold Everywhere 5¢.”

Education is Our Road to Freedom, 37th & Ball
Jeptor Stepheny's symbols of learning and other elements of a successful life have adorned a wall of the School of Entrepreneurship since 1993.

African American Museum, 35th & Broadway
"Firsts in Galveston" is a mural located the walls of the African American Museum on 35th Street between Broadway and Sealy. The mural, completed in 2001-02 by Emanuel Heron, depicts the first blacks to hold significant positions in Galveston.

Galveston Ice, 21st & Harborside
In 1989 Lisa Hulquist, by commission from Mark A. Fry and Hanilee Johnson, painted this mural that features penguins and polar bears and the date 1910. It’s located on the west wall of the Galveston Ice and Cold Storage Building.

Koi, 2213 Postoffice
This mural, painted in the alley between Church and Postoffice street in 1995 by William Miller, shows two large koi in a lily pond.

Performances of Years Past, 20th & Market
Located on the back of The Grand 1894 Opera House on Postoffice Street, this historic mural was painted in 1983 by Sonny DeLipsey, and consists of large panels depicting shows staged there.

St. Vincent’s House, 28th & Postoffice
Bright and colorful scenes – hand prints of children that depict the biblical story of good triumphing over evil – are the centerpiece of murals at St. Vincent's House. They were completed between 2000-2001.

Unlock your Mind to the World, 51st & Sealy
This 2001 mural by Craig Bowie depicts a man with a key on the inside of his head leaving to the world.

Untitled, 515 22nd St.
Located in the alley between Church and Postoffice streets, this this unfinished mural depicts a stairway to a garden looked on by an all-seeing eye and a fairy. It was commissioned by Kevin Katz and painted in 2000-2001 by Raz.

Article written by Robert Stanton - Isle Guy