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Welcome to SegCity Tours Galveston, the most entertaining, educational and adventurous place to start your vacation! A place where you will have the privilege to learn how to ride a Segway and with it explore the Magical, Spooky and Mysterious Island of Galveston! Our Segway Tours are the best way to explore the most significant and most important places of the Island. In order to meet everyone’s preferences and touring expectations, we have created several different tours.

The Segway is one of the most fun and innovative modes of human transportation. They use an advanced system of computer-controlled gyroscopes that allows riders to propel and pace themselves without having to stop and get off if they want a better view. Segways can be ridden just as safely on roads as sidewalks and you will ride on all of our Galveston tours.

SegCity Segway Galveston has been taking visitors on fascinating tours of historic Galveston since 2009. We’ve changed locations several times. First at the old Coffee Roasters & Peanut Butter factory, then to the seawall. We are now in the heart of the Historic District, not far from the Strand, at the corner of 25th and Church Street, 519 25th Street. According to customer reviews, our tours of Galveston are “one of the most fun and exciting things you can do in Galveston.”

About SegCity
We are professionally trained and certified tour guides. Our tour guides will teach you how to safely operate a Segway. They will guide you on a safe Segway adventure in the heart of downtown passing through the famous Strand Street. We can take you to the second largest port of the south. There you can see the dolphins swimming in the bay waters. Our tours glide along the world’s largest Seawall with a perfect view of the Gulf of Mexico where your will see the beaches, feel the breeze, and smell the ocean.

You will see the Historical District with a colorful past, hear breathtakingly haunted ghost stories, and view different architecture of buildings, mansions, and churches. You can also see the beautiful tree carvings from Hurricane Ike. As a matter of fact, we guarantee you an easy, fun and unforgettable experience with SegCity Tours Galveston. Your memories will be long lasting. Galveston has such an extremely interesting and colorful history and culture. It dates from the first settlers on the island, the native Karankawa people.

On our Segway tours, we bring history back to life. You will learn of the first settlers and infamous pirates who occupied the island before a prosperous population of immigrants and entrepreneurs built their shops and mansions. Many of these mansions are thought to be haunted – we will tell you why. We will also tell you of the wild and lawless days of prohibition where gambling and crime prevailed. You will learn about the devastating hurricanes and of the resiliency of the people. These Segway tours are so unique that you will be guaranteed to have the time of your life.

About the Tour Guides
Our highly trained professional tour guides will teach you how to comfortably ride a Segway before escorting you around the city. Safety is our top priority for riders as well as pedestrians and motorists. Your 30-minute training will include a video along with hands-on assistance while you practice inside our office training area. Once everyone is comfortably operating his or her Segway, we venture out into the city, never exceeding 8 miles per hour. Every rider signs a waiver and insurance forms.

Anyone under 18 years of age must be signed for and accompanied on the tour by a parent or guardian. Once you get used to it you will see how easily Segways move, just by adjusting your body weight. They can stop instantly when necessary, so riders and pedestrians can safely traverse the same walkways without any problems. You will be fitted with head protection and when it starts getting dark, lights in the front and back along with florescent gear so that you can be easily seen.

We also train you on street safety since we will be crossing several major streets during our tour. Everyone will stay in formation, yielding to traffic and obeying traffic signs and laws. You will be taught how to slow down to a “walking speed” when approaching pedestrians and to move to the right when you see oncoming foot traffic. It may sound tedious, but learning to ride a Segway is not only fun, it’s an exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime experience!