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This sculpture located at 902 Ball is entitled "Pod of Dolphins and Mermaid," by artist Earl Jones. The Dolphins represent the children and the Mermaid represents the mother of this family. This had been their "family tree" and they are very happy to still have their tree, even in its new form.

On September 13th, 2008, Hurricane Ike covered most of the Island in a tidal surge. The damaging combination of powerful wind and waves immediately uprooted many trees, but ultimately the salty storm waters led to the demise of the thousands of others. Ike forced Galveston to say a sad goodbye to so much of its beautiful tree canopy.

Years later, sculpture artists have breathed second life into something Mother Nature attempted to destroy. Whimsical sculptures have replaced the majestic oaks that once lined many neighborhood streets and shaded homes. Tucked into gardens and nestled in side yards the sculptures are there for the public to enjoy.

Stop by the Galveston Visitors Center located at Ashton Villa for a complimentary Tree Sculptures brochure for a map of all of the sculptures, or click here to download.