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Kapt. Keepers Charters is operated by Capt. Bob Reynolds, who at the young age of 17, started working on one the the largest party boats in the Gulf, eventually making Captain at the same company.

In 2002 Capt. Bob started his own fishing charter company and is excited that he gets to spend his days sharing his fishing passion with other fishing enthusiasts.

Capt. Bob uses two boats. The main boat is a 30 ft. Grady White center console, powered by twin Ymaha 250 h.p. motors.  With all new (2015) electronics, this boat has a large T-Top for sun and rain protection and a large bathroom on board.  

The second boat is a 21 foot center console SeaPro equipped with a 135 horse power motor, available at a smaller price. This boat is suitable for no more than three passengers seeing a jetty trip, and offers no T-Top for sun or rain protection.

Kapt. Keepers Charters offers the following trips:

Trip Type


Bay & Jetty Trips:
Possible catches include red fish, drum, gafftop catfish, sharks, stingrays, and more.

Large Boat: 1/2 day (4-5 hrs dock to dock): $500 for 1-4 people; $75 for each additional, limit 6.
Smaller Boat: 1/2 day (4-5 hrs dock to dock): $400 for 1-3 people

Deep Sea Trips:
Possible catches include red snapper, ling, king mackerel, dolphin, sharks and many others.

These trips are offered using our large boat only. The trip last 6 to 10 hours (dock to dock).

Shark Trips & Near Shore Trips:

Shark Trips and near shore trips last 6 to 8 hours (dock to dock). Shark Trips are limited to no more than 4 passengers. Cost: $800.

Offshore Trips:

Offshore trips can take you 100 miles out and last up to 12 hours from dock to dock. Prices start at $1,400, up to $2,000 for the "Blue Water" trips.  All fuel is included.

Planning For Your Trip
Remember to bring the following items: hat, sunscreen protection, food and drink for your group, fishing license, camera's, ice chest to carry fish home, soft sole shoes, and a good attitude!

Do Not Bring The Following Items:

  • Liquor - Beer is allowed if consumed responsibly. Intoxication and unruliness will not be tolerated.
  • Loran, GPS, or any other locating device
  • Bananas. This is an old maritime superstition. Silly we know, but we have seen one little banana almost ruin an entire fishing trip.
  • No bad attitudes, and no glass containers.

Other Information
All tackle and bait is furnished, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Fish cleaning is included upon arrival at the dock, finally, Gratuities are appreciated!