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Description: This road reveals the geological structure of the island, a series of longitudinal old dune ridges and tidal sloughs.

Directions: Proceed west on Seawall Boulevard, just beyond the Seawall, turn right (north) on 8 Mile Road, cross Stewart Road and bird to the end of the road at the Bay. On return, turn right (west) and bird Sportsman's Road, checking both sides of the road. Return to 8 Mile Road, south to Stewart Road, then west on Stewart to second entrance of Lafitte's Cove, turn right, drive 100 yards and park on right.

Tips: There are many brackish and tidal wetlands along Stewart Road between 8 and 10 Mile Roads. great for waterfowl in season and waders. There are several North / South and East / West roads in the area also worth scouting.

Habitat Types: Wetlands, marshes, to open water

Typical Bird Types: Herons, Egrets, Rails, Seaside Sparrow

Parking: Along the road

A detailed description of top birding areas, a map and seasonal checklist of species sighted are included in the Great Birding In and Around Galveston Island brochure, available here for download.