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West Isle Urgent Care where is a convenient alternative to a hospital emergency room, and a patient is always treated by a medical doctor. They treat common health problems, even out-of-the ordinary ones, seven days a week. Whether you are an area resident or a visitor enjoying Galveston Island, West Isle Urgent Care is for you.

An urgent medical need can be disturbing, yet with West Isle, the patient is embraced in a healing environment as their medical staff guides the patient to immediate medical care.

Whether the urgent care need is insignificant or not, each patient will be treated by one of the following medical doctors:

Dr. Edward Zompa, MD, Ph.D
Medical Director
Board Certified Emergency Medicine

Dr. Gerard Guderian, MD
Board Certified Family Practice

Dr. Douglas Kasper, MD
Board Certified Emergency Medicine

Dr. Richard Erickson, DO
Board Certified Family Practice

Hours of Operation
Open 7 days a week, 365 days per year
8am - 10pm

Note: Hours may be seasonal and subject to change.