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Rene' Wiley Studio & Gallery is located on Galveston Island. The subject for most of her work is the warm Gulf Coast light that illuminiates the harbors, wetlands, alleyways and an assortment of interesting structures. Victorian homes line the streets of her neighborhood, with the Seawall on one end and the historic Strand on the other - so inspiration is always close at hand.

Artist Statement
Galveston has remained a strong influence in my work. I was first attracted to the people enjoying the sand and saltwater, but after moving here a few years ago, the island landscape has inspired many paintings. In the last year, I have paid close attention to the quiet paths that run behind many of the beautiful houses. These humble landscapes are an authentic part of Galveston. The varied patterns of path, building, foliage, and sky combine to create ever changing designs. The gulfcoast sky provides the essential light that gives color to ordinary subjects. The atmosphere illuminates the familiar and invites the observer to consider the simple beauty of our world. For me, painting is a form of hospitality.

Hours of Operation
Open Daily: 11am - 6pm

Note: Hours may be seasonal and subject to change.