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page title: Fishing Reports: Good Bye High Island 199, Old Friend
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Fishing Reports: Good Bye High Island 199, Old Friend

Updated 396 days ago

This past week "Island Girl" only made three full-day deep-sea trips prior to the weekend and had to cancel or reschedule three full-day deep-sea trips due to the forecast of high seas and rough conditions.

Red snapper limits were achieved on all trips, and keeper fish were found beyond 25-miles off the Galveston jetties. Kingfish were caught on all trips but the action was spotty primarily due to lack of surface current, and times of light winds where the current was running up against the wind. A variety of sharks were encountered including hammerhead, sandbar, blacknose, spinner, and blacktip up to 7ft. Most of all these sharks were released due to prohibited species or below the allowable Federal minimum length. Other action included ling, spadefish, triggerfish, bonito, a large look down and more.

Our primary bait was whole or cut Spanish sardines, supplemented by some squid and cut bait. Chumming was avoided mostly to minimize attracting of sharks.

It gives me great sadness to report that one of our favorite offshore oil production platforms High Island 199 which was situated east of the Galveston jetties on the shallow area of the northeast corner of Heald Bank in 35 to 45 feet of water has been removed. It feels like losing an old friend. This was one of the largest platforms in the area and I have fished it since the early 1980's.

The bank is so shallow in that area that no ships came within several miles of the platform.

It is too bad that all or part of the platform could not have been left in place as a continual artificial reef. This platform had provided an abundance of red snapper, kingfish, ling, redfish, spadefish, sharks and more for about 40 years.

Wishing you calm seas and tight lines for the next week!

-Captain Paul Stanton

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Article written by Aqua Safari Charters

Aqua Safari Charters offers bay, jetty, and offshore fishing trips for up to 18 fishermen aboard the 42 foot Delta Charter Sportfisherman "Island Girl".