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page title: FAQ: How to Fish in Galveston
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FAQ: How to Fish in Galveston

Updated 468 days ago

Planning on making a trip to Galveston to go fishing? There are specific guidelines you must follow to avoid any trouble. Thankfully, we have conveniently compiled all the information you may need to enjoy your fishing without any hassle.



Fishing License

It is required that you have a Texas Fishing License to fish in Galveston, TX. There are various places on the island for you to purchase these, such as Academy and Walmart. Also, temporary fishing licenses are included with your entry to Galveston Island State Park.

Where to Fish - Gulf of Mexico

Along the Seawall, you can simply walk out to one of the rock groins and cast a line into the Gulf of Mexico. You can’t fish from the shore, as people may be swimming; you could easily hook a swimsuit or person. 

At the far end of East Beach, you can fish from the South Jetty. But, elsewhere on East Beach and Stewart Beach, its prohibited. Again, you don’t want to reel in a person.

There are also two fishing piers along the Seawall that you can pay to get on: one at 61st Street and another at 91st Street. Here, you can rent tackle and buy bait and supplies, and one even has a great restaurant and patio.

West of the Seawall, there’s about 20 more miles of beach, which are mostly unregulated regarding fishing. Just pay attention to signage and be aware of your surroundings.

Typical Seawall catches include trout, croaker, sheepshead and flounder. An occasional mackerel or shark can also be pulled in.

Where to Fish - Galveston Bay

There are piers at the Galveston Island State Park for fishing. 

On Offatt’s Bayou, which feeds into the bay, there is Jamail Bay Park, which has piers, a boat launch, and plenty of parking. You can also launch a kayak at both Galveston Island State Park and Jamail Bay Park.

Seawolf Park on Pelican Island is super popular with fisherman. Some swear it’s the best spot for hooking flounder. You must pay to enter the park, but there are restrooms, grills and picnic areas. 

Other places along the bay shore, you will find fisherman wade fishing. Doing so requires some experience and not recommended for the novice. Unless you have a guide or friend that knows what they are doing, consider sticking to the fishing piers.

Typical Galveston Bay catches include trout, redfish, black drum, croaker and flounder.

Galveston Fishing Charters 

There are a lot of charters that operate from the island, doing both bay and offshore trips. An offshore trip is usually an all-day event where you can catch red snapper and other sport-fish like mackerel, dorado, ling and shark. Some charters even offer tuna trips lasting 36 hours or more. 

Fishing is regulated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  They define the number, size, when and where certain species can be fished.  You really don’t want to get snagged for too many fish or one that’s too big or small.  A link to their website and more information can be found on fishing guide.

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