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Artifacts. Stories.: Battle of Galveston Part 2 - "My Father Is Here" - E4

We visit the grave of a union soldier killed in the Civil War battle known as the Battle of Galveston. Rosenberg Library's Museum Curator, Eleanor Barton, shows two sketches of the battle.

Fishing Reports: Last Week For Red Snapper In Federal Waters For Charters

Most red snapper limits are coming from 23 to 30 plus miles out. Catching kingfish 11 to 30 miles out on rocks, wrecks ,oil platforms, and buoys.

5 Great Beach Tips for Summer

Summer is here and so is the time to visit the beach! Galveston Island has a variety of beaches to offer visitors and we have compiled our best beach tips to make the most out of your trip!

Fishing Reports: Several Large Snapper Lost to Blacktip Sharks

Our red snapper limits came from trips fishing beyond 25 miles with fish up to 20 lbs. Lost several large snapper to larger blacktip sharks.

The Cruise Lady: Killer Shoes!

Yes – they look great! Sure – they’re the newest style! But, is making a “fashion statement” worth risking life and limb?

Singer / Songriter Clarence Bucaro Returns to Galveston's Old Quarter August 11

Don't miss Clarence Bucaro, whose powerful new album is - according to Rolling Stone - "Buoyant, sometimes playful folk songwriting with a deep well of social consciousness."

Artifacts. Stories.: Battle of Galveston Part 1, The Cannon Balls - E3

On January 1, 1863, the Civil War battle known as the Battle of Galveston began. Lee and George visit the site of the battle and see cannon ball damage on a downtown building.

7 Surprising Things to Do In Galveston This Summer

There is far more to do in Galveston this summer than hitting the beach, check it out!

Fishing Reports: Snapper Limits Up to 20 Plus Pounds

Aqua Safari Charters report Mangrove snapper becoming abundant. Kingfish more scattered.

6 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Galveston

You’ve just landed in Galveston for some much-needed R&R and glance out the hotel patio window at the Gulf of Mexico. And it's raining. Never fear!