Dash Beardsley's Ghost Tours of Galveston

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Voted #1 most popular haunted ghost tour in America! Come join Dash Beardsley for this unique, year round, tour with History, Mystery & Legend.

Come and uncover the hidden buried secrets of Galveston's own residents. Time travel through the strange & infamous!

Ghost Tour
Dash Beardsley's Original Ghost Tour on the Strand is Galveston's most popular ghost tour and the tour that started it all for Ghost Tours of Galveston Island. Like all of his tours, Dash has built this tour based on years of research, personal experience, and accounts from local residents.

This year-round walking tour takes guests through one of the busiest areas in Galveston; The Strand. The Strand is a historical district at the heart of downtown Galveston and is known for its rich history and haunting past. Tour-goers will visit multiple locations in The Strand and learn about the historical events that have shaped the city, and hear haunting stories from the past.

Restless Spirit Tour
Dash Beardsley's Restless Spirits Tour is Dash's sequel to the Original Ghost Tour on the Strand. This tour focuses less on historical information and delves into more modern events, stories, and reports of paranormal activity. Explore areas of The Strand, not included in the original tour, to hear about these truly unique and horrifying stories.

This tour has a bit of a darker feel than the Original Ghost Tour on the Strand and does include some unsavory stories and subject matter, which is most appropriate for older audiences. We do curb the language for youger tour-goers, but we consider the tour PG13.

Secret Society Cemetery Tour
Dash Beardsley's Secret Society Cemetery Tour takes guests on a haunting and historic journey through one of the area's oldest cemeteries. The Old City Cemetery is actually a combination of seven cemeteries in Galveston that grew together over time. The cemetery holds the remains of soldiers from the civil war, people who perished in The Great Storm of 1900, and many others who met their untimely fates in Galveston.

Learn the intimate details and history as you hear the stories of the very residents that are buried within the cemetery. Feel the chills creep upon you as you walk among the headstones and mausoleums of the very people you are hearing about.

Enjoy the beautiful grounds and the peaceful solitude of the cemetery as we uncover the hidden secrets of the dead. As we explore the grounds, you will hear the haunting stories from the past. Considered by many to be the most exhilarating of all the tours, imagine hearing the horrifying stories of the dead as they lie just below your feet.

Jack the Ripper Mystery Island Tour
Dash Beardsley's Jack the Ripper Mystery Island Tour by Tram takes guests on a mysterious adventure through the historic streets of Galveston. Guests will visit areas of the island notorious for their mystique, intrigue, and chilling stories from the past while taking a relaxing ride on a tram.

This thought-provoking tour will reveal answers to a number of mysteries of Galveston Island, which have remained ghostly secrets of the past—until now. Dash's research and exclusive sources have led him to uncover the truth about many mysteries that have become a part of the legendary history of the island.

This tour will explore areas of the city that are relevant to a variety of legends and reports of paranormal activity. During the tour you will hear compelling evidence that Jack the Ripper may have been in Galveston. Dash has pieced together this mystery through trips to London and forensic evidence provided to him by the N.Y.P.D. Don't believe it? You won't be the first skeptical person to take the tour and leave with a new point-of-view.

Cameras are encouraged, as some have actually captured ghostly phenomena that were discovered after the film was developed! However, video cameras and tape recorders are not allowed.

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Hours of Operation
Tours are scheduled daily. Book online with a credit card or pay cash at the tour. You must reserve online for the Jack the Ripper Mystery Island Tour.