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Tourism Innovation.  Powered by DestinationNext. made its debut in the fall of 1994. It was the early days of the internet, and the site was simple, very small, and graphically cryptic. But it was the dawn of a new era regarding Galveston Island tourism. owners, Lee Roane and Jim Cordell, understood that harnessing the web's power for destination promotion - Galveston in particular - could not only introduce the Island to an entirely new audience, but also could deliver information in a way that simply wasn't possible via a standard color brochure.

That was 1994.

Since then, & Company, Inc. has evolved into an multi-faceted corporation, offering website visitors and local businesses a staggering list of innovations that are quite unique in the industry, and were a mere dream way back then. is now home to literally hundreds of pages of Island information, and features a tantalizing array of features including online reservations, audio and video podcasting, rss feeds, itinerary builders, and much more.

The power behind is the state-the-art DestinationNext™ tourism portal module, also a product of the programming team at & Company. Vast in its abilities and second-to-none in its scope, DestinationNext™ is a multi-tiered software bundle - used either as a whole, or independently - that encompasses tourism portal implementation and management, website advertising and traffic monitoring, online cruise reservations, online lodging reservations, and online parking and airport transportation reservations - all in one easy-to-administer, easy-to-incorporate tourism solution.

There simply is no other comparable product on the market today! & Company promotes literally hundreds of local and area businesses via website design and online advertising services; and supports a host of Galveston's most revered events and organizations, including Mardi Gras! Galveston, Dickens on The Strand, Epicurean Evening, ARToberFEST, D'Feet Breast Cancer, the Historic Downtown Partnership, the Galveston Chamber of Commerce, and The Grand 1894 Opera House, just to name a few.

If you'd like to discuss DestinationNext™ as a solution for your location; a web design project; advertising opportunities; or any other request, comment, or suggestion, please call our office at (409)763-8676, or email We look forward to hearing from you! & Company

Lee Roane

Lee Roane, President & Chief Executive Officer - Oversees all aspects of & Company, Inc.  Project Manager of the DestinationNext™ reservations module. Specializes in new account sales, as well as managing existing accounts. Oversees all aspects of advertising opportunities, as well as website design and marketing services.

Phone: (409)765-3501
Fax: (409)765-3535

Jim Cordell

Jim Cordell, Vice-President & Chief Creative Officer - Oversees all creative and marketing aspects of, including design, advertising, podcast production, daily maintenance, search engine promotion, and emerging technologies.

Phone: (409)765-3502
Fax: (409)765-3535

Kent Muller

Kent Muller, Chief Operations Officer - Oversees day-to-day operations for the firm and its team of web designers, programmers, reservation specialists, and online media production, in addition to leading the execution of new business initiatives.

Phone: (409)765-3513
Fax: (409)765-3535

Scott Moon

Scott Moon, Director of Digital Media & Marketing - Oversees marketing, advertising, and development efforts between the firm and local tourism partners. Leads the execution of new business initiatives and partnerships.

Phone: (409)765-3511
Fax: (409)765-3535

Anna Backes

Anna Backes, Digital Media & Marketing Consultant - Works with the Director of Digital Media & Marketing to coordinate marketing, advertising, and development efforts between the firm and local tourism partners. Assists in the execution of new business initiatives and partnerships.

Phone: (409)765-3506
Fax: (409)765-3535

Chris Aleman

Chris Aleman, Director of Community Relations - Oversees planning, implementation, and evaluation of public relations and marketing activities that support & Company mission and goals, including promotions, video podcasts, blogs, and social networking. Provides support for the DestinationNext reservation module.

Phone: (409)765-3522
Fax: (409)765-3535

Jordan May

Jordan Comley, Director of Social Media - Oversees all social media efforts; supports the DestinationNext reservation module; promotes effective communication between & Company and local tourism & business partners.

Phone: (409)765-3505
Fax: (409)765-3535

Cedric DeWalsche

Cedric DeWalsche, Senior Programmer

Phone: (409)765-3515
Fax: (409)765-3535 & Company offers a fully-staffed Call Center 7 days a week, for lodging, transportation, & parking reservations, as well as tickets to special Galveston events. The Call Center Hotline is (888)939-8680, toll free.

Claire Johnson

Claire Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer of, Inc. - Oversees all aspects of, Inc, including reservations, accounting, and billing.

Phone: (409)765-3503
Fax: (409)765-3535

Sharon Preuss

Sharon Preuss, Cruise Agent

Phone: (409)765-3504
Fax: (409)765-3535

Dru Walters

Dru Walters, Cruise Agent

Phone: (409)765-3508
Fax: (409)765-3535

All of us at & Company and take the Galveston Island tourism industry - and your vacation - exceedingly seriously. Please consider giving us the opportunity to exceed your expectations, and to earn your business. We truly look forward to serving you.

Thanks very much, and best regards!



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