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Bienville Social
323 23rd Street
GalvestonTX 77550
Phone: (409)771-0937

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Bienville Social offers a sophisticated private venue embedded in the heart of Galveston's Strand District. When owners Sean and Jene Adler restored this historical building after Hurricane Ike, they envisioned a venue with a New Orleans feel while retaining the unique Galveston architectural features, such as the distinctive skylight and the brick masonry. The name Bienville Social pays homage to Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, one of the original colonizers of New Orleans. Bienville served as governor of Louisiana from 1701 to 1743 and was responsible for the original plans of the eleven-by-seven block area now known as the French Quarter, or Vieuz Carre.

The extraordinary angled mirrors reflecting on the extended dark wood bar top give the feel of a classy wine bar in the French Quarter. The courtyard is one of the few remaining true courtyards left in downtown Galveston and an excellent extension to the space. The bathrooms have been artfully finished with beautiful stained glass fixtures and authentic fleur di lis molding.

The Bienville Social is a distinctive and affordable venue for your special event. We work with local caterers, have years of experience living on the island and can help you plan a unique Galveston affair.



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