Reel Men Fishing Charters

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Reel Men Fishing Charters is a private, guided fishing charter located in Galveston. With multiple charters and trips to choose from, you can choose the best fishing experience that Reel Men Fishing Charters offers to fit your individual needs.

Each Captain is a skilled & credentialed boating expert. All are lifelong, experienced fishermen who have career choices to share their skills & fishing expertise with you.

Reel Men Fishing Charters prides itself in their knowledge of the Gulf Coast, literally living on the waters' edge. From the coast of Florida, to the marshes of Louisiana, all the way to Galveston and the 'Texas Deep,' each of the captains at Reel Men has worked and fished those waters. It is the love of the waters of the Gulf that they never left. At Reel Men, they've made a living fishing and working the Gulf Coast all of their lives, and it's that rich family heritage that we would like to share with you.

Fishing with Reel Men is more than just enjoying a great day out on the water. It's enjoying a way of life.