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Kimber Fountain literally wrote the book on Galveston’s Red Light District, and now she brings to life the tales—both tragic and triumphant—of the island’s famed ladies of the night.

A renowned author and engaging speaker, Kimber leads a riveting journey through the forgotten parts of downtown Galveston that were once bustling with wild parties and generous offerings of hourly love. Stand on the very ground where women of the early 20th century had to choose between their independence and acceptance into polite society. See the houses where girls with big dreams sold their bodies to save their souls, and witness firsthand the authentic history which proves that facts are even more entertaining than fiction.

Known today as a colorful resort destination featuring family-friendly entertainment and a thriving arts district, Galveston was once notorious for its flourishing vice economy of illegal liquor and gambling and an infamous red light district called simply, “The Line.” This unassuming five block stretch of Postoffice Street came to life every night and remained a stubborn mainstay of the island cityscape for nearly seventy years.

In the late 1950s, the era known as the “Free State of Galveston” finally came to an end, and today, almost all that remains of its history has been sensationalized and marginalized. Far from being merely a city of “mobsters” and lewd women, Kimber Fountain pursues the sequestered story of the women—and the city—that were determined to live by their own rules.

Reservations Required. Recommended for mature audiences only. Additional details about the tour, parking information, and online ticket purchases are available on the tour website. Tour schedule subject to change.

Hours of Operation
Tour Times:
Wednesday thru Saturday - 7pm

Note: Hours may be seasonal and subject to change.