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You put your car through a lot, so why not put it through a custom car wash? Island's Auto Wash is a premier car wash company that serves the greater Galveston area. We offer various options to clean your car inside and out, from top to bottom. We provide the gentlest, safest and most effective system for protecting your investment in the vehicle that you drive.

Island Auto Wash has offered outstanding car wash services for the surrounding area for many years. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and extend a quick, convenient and beneficial service for your vehicle because we know how good it feels to drive a clean car and contribute to a green environment. The central point of the Island Auto Wash mission is providing the best car wash and customer experience for our Galveston locals and visitors alike. We make you feel good by delivering a clean, dry and shiny car every time. We believe that no matter what you drive, you will feel better about your car after visiting Island Auto Wash.

Keys to Protecting Your Investment
Here in Galveston, we understand the problems that bad weather can create because airborne contaminants include corrosive particles carried by rain and snow. Also damaging are sand, gravel and deicing agents that soak into the road asphalt and get flushed to the surface by rain. We recommend that drivers in Galveston keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep your vehicle in the garage whenever possible to avoid exposure to pollutants.
  • Even if you wash your car yourself with a bio-friendly soap, just hosing off the wheels and body dislodges contaminants that end up in rivers, streams and lakes.
  • You need to wash your car promptly after it rains because the pollution delivered in the drops of water can chemically damage the paint and clear coat layer.

The Finish Is In the Shine
Exposure to road oils, sun rays, tree sap, bird droppings and other various pollutants in the environment in Galveston deteriorate automotive finishes. The best way to help prevent permanent damage is with regular washing. At Island Auto Wash, we utilize the most effective cleaning materials in the industry to remove dirt safely while protecting the finish and enhancing the shine.

Car Washing and Detailing Services

Express Wash: $9.95
At Island Auto Wash, we offer a convenient machine car wash and dry option. Our machine car wash facility utilizes brush-and-spary combinations that distribute detergent and other cleaners to enable you to clean your car with ease. In Galveston, we understand that having a clean car is essential to keeping it rust- and corrosion-free, and we are the best place for the customers who prefer to do it quickly and inexpensively. ​

Full Service
Island Auto Wash provides premier full-service car wash packages in Galveston. Our years of industry experience and specialized products enable us to safely and harmlessly clean and preserve the finish of your car. With this service you get more than a just a wash, you get detailing. We are eco-friendly using only 3 gallons of water per wash, making us Galveston's most environmentally friendly car wash service.Come let us take care of your vehicle as we do our own!

Car Detailing
When detailing a vehicle everyone likes it done their way. Island Auto Wash will detail your car to your specific requests. Whether it is dirty on the inside or outside, or both, Island Auto Wash in Galveston offers high-quality services for our customers based on their needs. Our interior car cleaning packages offer customized solutions and when combined with an exterior car polishing, your car will look and feel showroom new again. This is a customized service, so pricing will vary based on your desired detailing needs. This service is for those who truly want the best when it comes to car wash and detailing packages.

Executive Club
At Island Auto Wash, we offer VIP service for the car enthusiast and collector. Our Executive Car Wash Club is designed especially for the "Friday Night Driver" who wants their first-class vehicle to look and feel top notch! ​The Executive Car Wash Club is a highly focused, detailed cleaning of the exterior and interior of your prized possession vehicle. This is no ordinary cleaning. We hand detail your vehicle with the utmost care with our comprehensive detailing package. We take pride in the quality of our detailing and on the importance of meeting the customers needs. As a monthly club member, you get the luxurious care you car deserves. For only $99, with membership, we'll give your car the ultimate shine!

Hours of Operation
Spring & Summer:
Monday thru Friday: 9am - 6:30pm

Fall & Winter:
Monday thru Friday: 8am - 5:30pm