Himalayan Taste

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The Himalayan Taste, as the name itself suggests, brings you the fine taste of the great Himalayas, which have been the home to ancient civilizations and culture. The Himalayan region boasts the unique blend of different ethnic and cultural groups that brings variety in the taste of the delicacies it offers. The staff at The Himalayan Taste feel privileged to be the cultural ambassador of the Himalayan region through the food they serve.

Himalayan Taste believes that food is not just something you eat but a whole cultural identity of a region in itself. Having their roots in the Himalayan country of Nepal, the owners bring you the authentic Himalayan dishes with the right ingredients and spices representing the vibrant culture of the Himalayas. Having realized that the carving for a perfect Indian curry, Himlayan Thali, MoMos and other dishes originated in the Himalayan foothills cannot be fulfilled by any other than the authentic Himalayan taste, they have imported the spices and organic food from the Himalayan region to give a mouth watering sensation to your tastebuds.

They also offer buffet service with plenty of options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests. They prepare and serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes separately so as to maintain the purity and authenticity of the dishes. As they offer a wide variety of Indian, Nepali and American dishes to choose from, the menu is constantly changing. Famous Indian and Nepali desserts like carrot pudding, rashmalai, and gulabjamun promise the perfect ending to your dining experience.

The owners of Himalayan Taste has always believed that food is not just something to eat. It brings people closer. They have a passion for this togetherness food and culture brings in this diverse world. They do not only bring you the dishes from the foothills of the great Himalayas, but present you with an ancient culture of dining that you can embrace. Through the dishes they serve, theywant to connect you with the great Himalayas and vibrant culture of the region.

The Himalayan Taste is founded by a dedicated team of Nepali students currently residing in the America. They believe in quality food with healthy Himalayan recipes imported from the Himalayan ranges of Nepal. In return, the company is proud to share 25% of its profits for the infrastructure development of Nepal.