GIANT art & design showroom

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GIANT is the joint effort of Milton Ausherman and Andrea Hunting. It is a 3,000 square foot gallery of modern art, painting and sculpture, and a store featuring modern design furniture and imported items reflecting Andrea's interest in the Asian world.

The artists of visual+actual bring fuzzy and crisp color shapes into perfedct juxtaposition creating tough UV paint on dibond, neo-geo work ideal for the modern world, from corporate boardoom to stylish modern home. Some of the exact things that are needed to complete your trajecftory into the world of tomorrow.

Mercer drawings on multi-media paper start with a shaped paint scrub wash, acrylic geometric color blocks and finish with an India ink line image. Owner-gallerist Milton Ausherman contributes wooden sculptures and the latest furniture interpretations, from hairpin leg desks and coffee tables to chalkboard sideboards and dining tables, and some low room dividers with spinning Swedish pine blades and supports. Selected works by other artists.

Hours of Operation
Wednesday thru Saturday: 11am - 4pm and by appointment

Note: Hours may be seasonal and subject to change.