Chuck Morris Coastal Homes

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Chuck and Debbie Morris, custom homebuilders of Chuck Morris Coastal Homes, warmly welcome the opportunity to design and build a reflection of each individual client. Chuck Morris Coastal Homes is an award-winning builder specializing in new custom luxury homes, remodeling and historic restorations. Since 1985, they have provided creative architectural and interior design solutions for even the most meticulous clients.

Chuck's engineering background gives him a solid grasp in dealing with coastal challenges. From Kemah to the West End, the company is uniquely equipped to fulfill any homeowner's dreams.

Experience truly makes the difference in every exquisite, luxurious Chuck Morris home - and no one deserves anything less!

New Home Construction: At Chuck Morris Coastal Homes, clients are provided with a strong sense of creativity and extensive research to meet their vision.

Historical Restoration: Chuck and Debbie work with recognized historic experts and craftsmen to provide a historically inspired, yet fully modern living space.

Remodeling: They expertly update any home to fit an ever-changing lifestyle and goals.

Chuck Morris Coastal Homes is ready to build that dream home!