Blue Water Grill

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Blue Water Grill is a surrealistic restaurant/circus/lighthouse filled with loving-kindness where the continent ends. A quiet revolution that will not be televised.

Claiming to have the best cheeseburger in the central time zone, Blue Water Grill's delectable pizza is made with high butterfat mozzarella and olive oil in the marinara sauce. Their salads are original creations, all with unique homemade dressings pushed to the edge.

Blue Water Grill delivers in fall & winter, and sometimes in spring. Come and enjoy the view!

Blue Water Grill is easily accessible just off of San Luis Pass Road.

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Thursday: 11am - 8pm
Friday: 11am - 9pm
Saturday: 11am - 9pm
Sunday: 11am - 8pm

Note: Hours may be seasonal and subject to change.