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Through the Eyes of a Young Newcomer

Updated 201 days ago

Coming from the central area of Austin, TX, never have I ever been on an island. The beach never much thrilled me and neither did the sound of a new school. I was lacking the enthusiasm needed for my new life of seeing palm trees and smelling the ocean right outside my door. Just like any newcomer in a city full of strangers, I was in desperate need of adventure.

In a dramatic plot twist so called ‘my life’ I am experiencing the total opposites that are Austin and Galveston. From the depths of the state capital to a sandy shore of an island escape, I began to realize the opportunities ahead. 

As a young adult still in high school, I found myself craving for loud festivals, city events, or good study spots. I wasn’t one who found many friends so I began to rely on the island. The only way I could satisfy my hunger was to start exploring. 

Festivals and concerts were the number one hang out spots for teenagers like me. Young adults love nothing more than a good music festival to call “the night they’ll never forget”. I am one of those people.

I wanted to investigate more and find places that would be enjoyable for people of my age range. I started in Historic Galveston. I found places like Brewchacho; a fun and affordable place for families and people of the youth. As I was there, I learned that they not only serve amazing food, but they also provide events that keep the customers coming. They host events such as movie nights, trivia, and live music. This would be the perfect spot for the youth of Galveston. Another place that is fun and affordable is the Gypsy Joynt down the street. Immediately as I walked in, I felt an instant rush of excitement. The restaurant is filled with hanging decorations and crafty art work. It’s the perfect place to study, eat with the family, or simply hang out with some friends.

The City of Galveston still has much to discover and many more places that could interest me as a teenager. There is more to the island than just the beach and many hidden gems of the island.

Article written by Cody Baird

Cody Baird is a young aspiring Journalist in Galveston, Texas. He has written numerous pieces including articles, short stories, and poetry. He enjoys a great story and an even better plot twist.

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