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Power Grids Are a Powerful Thing

Updated 259 days ago



Have you ever stumbled out of bed, flipped the light switch, and thought, "Gee, I wonder how this light came on?" Probably not. Electricity is like the air we breathe; we just don't think about it. The same goes for festivals, we don't put much thought into how the event is powered. Luckily, someone else does. For Galveston’s Biker Rally Weekend, that someone is Trey Click, Executive Director of the Downtown Partnership. Click, along with The Galveston Park Board of Trustees and Lone Star Rally promoters, successfully lobbied for a new electrical grid to be implemented downtown. This year’s event is getting a behind the scenes makeover.  

We had a chance to speak with Click just as rally festivities kicked off. He explained, “A power grid is basically the ability to draw power from an existing power structure.” These electrical power grids have been on the rise for years;  they have the capacity to cover a single building or an entire country. When you look at the benefits, it’s understandable why so many are walking away from diesel-fueled generators, and moving towards electrical power grids. One benefit for residents is the noise:  there will be no loud generators contributing to the thousands of engine-revving motorcycles. For festival organizers, power girds are more reliable and cost efficient than generators. But maybe the greatest benefit of using electrical power grids is that it drastically reduces emissions into the environment.  

According to Click, these grids will be put into effect for all future events on the Strand. So next time you’re at an event, stop, look, and listen. You may know something others don’t - that a power grid really is a powerful thing. 

Article written by Ashley Byrd

After earning her master's degree, Ashley moved to Chicago where she attended The Second City's writing program while managing the The Laugh Factory Chicago comedy club. Later, she relocated to Los Angeles in order to manage the The Laugh Factory Hollywood. A Galveston native, Ashley loves the beach, a good book and, of course, writing a good story.