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The Cruise Lady: Are We There Yet?

Updated 257 days ago

Planning a “family” vacation can be a real “wake-up” call.  You’re on the internet looking at “packages” for – let’s say one of those family-friendly theme parks on either coast, and you run across what looks like a good deal!  Lodging and park admission is included…..whoopie!  Then add in the cost of meals and (of course) transportation and you’ll soon realize it’s no “deal” at all!

Lorraine has a suggestion!  Why not consider a cruise?  Now – there’s a “deal!”  And right now, some lines are even “sweetening the pot” with family-friendly offers including “kids sail free!”  That’s right!  Mom and Dad pay – and kids stay in the same room for free – that’s Nada – Zilch!  And don’t bother adding in the cost of meals and snacks – they’re all included!  Transportation?  Just a leisurely drive to Galveston and you’re ready to board.

The best part is – it’s a vacation for Mom and Dad too.  Cruise lines feature their own versions of “day-camp” – kiddos are kept busy with arts/crafts, video games, movies and general fun stuff all while fully supervised by trained counselors – while Mom and Dad enjoy the grown-up amenities of cruising.  It’s a “win-win!”

You can enjoy “family time” at the pool – watching movies outdoors on a giant screen – or, depending on the line – try your hand at the rock-climbing wall, surf-simulator – miniature golf - or even ice skating.  

The nightly entertainment is “G” rated too – you can feel comfortable taking the family to a variety of offerings from individual featured entertainers to lavish production shows.  Some lines even offer “late night” adult entertainment – and clearly advise “no children permitted.”  See – there’s something for everyone!

So, get back on the internet and plan that “family friendly” cruise vacation – or better yet, let the good folks at Galveston Cruises find one that best fits your family’s interests and budget.

It’s not too early to book for the holidays – and remember, Summer will also be here before you know it!  So, this year consider a family vacation without having to hear “are we there yet?”  You’ll ALREADY BE THERE!!

Article written by Lorraine Highseas

Certified cruisaholic who’s sole purpose is to help you enjoy one of life’s greatest things to its fullest. Check out her Facebook page by clicking here.

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