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18 Photographs in 72 Hours by Nikola Olic

Updated 354 days ago

Nikola Olic is a photographer living and working in Dallas, Texas, focusing on architectural photography and abstract structural quotes that reimagine their subjects in playful, dimensionless and disorienting ways.

This photography collection represents a weekend in Galveston. He had visited the city and the island many times before, and this time with a strong idea to make a photographic collection to add to his Cities collection.

Below are some of his brief comments about each photograph, listed in the order they are shown at

1) The Pleasure Pier was immediately accessible from the hotel room, which luckily was facing the coast while offering various options for light, shadows, contrast and clarity from the 4th floor balcony.


2) I interacted with this swing both as a participant and as a photographer, and the latter is much more pleasurable and in control.


3) Downtown offers a collection of buildings which have interesting ornaments on the roofs and the facade, like these weathered steps.


4) A little bit of Wes Anderson in Galveston, TX :)


5) The structured rigid simplicity of the flag poles balances well with the spiritual figure in the distance, and the spiritual light next to it.


6) Waterways on the pier visually complement the much larger water ways of the Gulf below.


7) The steps leading up to the tallest building in Galveston, served here with a tranquil balance beam down the middle.


8) When taken out of context, entertainment parks and facilities offer their incredible engineered toys for the world to enjoy from a distance as they please.


9) Moody Gardens on the west side of the island offer a variety of building styles, shapes and visuals, waiting for be combined and connected and mixed up.


10) Bright rooftops and dark skies, forever entangled in a weathered dance.


11) Architecture and its shadows, combining adjacent buildings through living trees down below.


12) Curved lines, straight trees, and industrial lightning -- easily combined into a single visual in the wide open walking spaces around Moody Gardens.


13) The tension between the horizontal and the vertical is the essence of sail boats, on display on the north side of the island.


14) Rooftop of our hotel gives its most interesting angle from the furthest point of a fisherman's pier near by.


15) Straight and curved lines, and bright and dark skies, providing a soothing color pallet on a hot summer day.


16) Patterns, angles, shadows and strong colors, on display all around downtown.


17) The spiritual and the architectural, working well together since the dawn of time.


18) Texas, made from the Texas sky.





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