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page title: Fishing Reports: 29 Kingfish, Several Stingrays to 180 lbs
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Fishing Reports: 29 Kingfish, Several Stingrays to 180 lbs

Updated 359 days ago

This past week Aqua Safari's "Island Girl" ran 10 fishing trips - 6 bay/ jetty trips and 4 deep sea trips.  Both public trips and private charters were run fishing 4 to 18 persons.

This was our last week to keep red snapper, which ended on 7/22/18 for federally permitted charter and head boats. Until then red snapper limits were caught on most trips up to 15 lbs.

Most of the week had persistent southwest winds in excess of 15 knots and a strong current, and it took its toll on our bay/jetty trips with sandy water and began to affect the offshore waters to at least 25 nautical miles offshore.  Being the end of snapper season, there was a lot of pressure and it was harder to get keeper snapper within 30 miles. Kingfish were still plentiful in certain spots with clear water.

Today we had a light northeast wind and found clear water beyond 25 miles and picked up 29 kingfish, all trolling lures or bump tolling Spanish sardines. No weed lines were found within 30 miles this past week.

Largest catches of the week were several stingrays to 180 lbs. and today a hammerhead over 8 ft. was caught and released unharmed.  No shrimp boats were found with 30 miles except those working the beachfront.  This past week in addition to those previously mentioned, our catch included mangrove and lane snapper.

Bay/jetty trip catches yielded mostly keeper Atlantic sharpnose and bonnet head shark. Bull, spinner, and blacktip Sharks were caught and released.

Hopefully if the weather forecast holds true, we will see 1 to 2 ft. seas out of the southeast for a number of days which will allow weed lines to form producing clearer water closer to shore and kingfish, dorado, and ling.

Wishing calm seas and good fishing!

- Captain Paul Stanton

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Article written by Aqua Safari Charters

Aqua Safari Charters offers bay, jetty, and offshore fishing trips for up to 18 fishermen aboard the 42 foot Delta Charter Sportfisherman "Island Girl".