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Fishing Reports: Last Week For Red Snapper In Federal Waters For Charters

Updated 368 days ago

This past week "Island Girl" ran 6 deep sea trips (4 private charters with 6 to 12 persons & 2 public trips with 15 to 18 persons). We also ran 3 public bay & jetty trips with 10 to 18 persons.

Most of our red snapper limits are coming from 23 to 30 plus miles out. This week is the last week for federal red snapper season for federally permitted charter & party boats like our “Island Girl”. The last day is Saturday July 21.

We are seeing more and more keeper and larger mangrove snapper on certain spots and will be targeting them more as the federal season for red snapper will be closing. These fish often times run shallower than the red snapper and can be caught on lighter tackle making for more fun. We have caught some of these fish up to 36 inches (minimum size is 12 inches total length.

This past week we got into some nice dorado (most gaffing size) when we found a floating barrel about 11 miles out.

Our preferred bait continues to be Spanish sardines.

We are catching our kingfish 11 to 30 miles out on rocks, wrecks ,oil platforms, and buoys. We have not found any really good weedlines for holding topwater fish within 30 miles.

Federal waters opened to shrimping this week effective on July 15. Most of these boats which are nearshore within 30 miles are dragging nets during the day time while farther offshore you will begin to find some boats anchored during the day and shrimping at night.

Boats that are shrimping can be fished by trolling or drifting behind them at a safe distance. Fish caught can include sharks, king , ling, jackfish, bonito and more. Boats that are anchored up in clear water can be fished using a variety of methods and are excellent places to find king, ling, dorado, and other bluewater species.

As red snapper season ends for us we will be concentrating more on Mangrove snapper, kingfish, ling , dorado, sharks, per customer’s request, and other top water and reef fish. Fishing more on weedlines and around flotsam as available and also buoys. We will be trolling more, and drift fishing.

This past week our deep sea trips caught red snapper, mangrove snapper, lane snapper, king, ling , dorado, a variety of sharks, spade fish, and more.

This past week our bay jetty trips caught bull red fish , keeper atlantic sharpnose sharks and keeper bonnet head sharks. Also caught were sting ray, spinner sharks , blacktip sharks, whiting and more.

Looking forward to an interesting week with the shrimpboats working in federal waters, and potential for more weedlines, tidelines, color changes, due to average calmer seas as we get into mid- summer.

Wishing you tight lines and big fish !

- Captain Paul Stanton

Visit the Fishing Guide for more information.

Article written by Aqua Safari Charters

Aqua Safari Charters offers bay, jetty, and offshore fishing trips for up to 18 fishermen aboard the 42 foot Delta Charter Sportfisherman "Island Girl".