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The Cruise Lady: Killer Shoes!

Updated 375 days ago

Killer Shoes!

Unfortunately, that’s what many tyro cruisers are choosing to wear these days. Good idea? Not if you ask the young “fashionista” Lorraine witnessed do a “face flop” while attempting to transverse a tile-floored expanse in her apparently brand- new platform stilettos. Fortunately, nothing more than her pride was shattered.

Yes – they look great! Sure – they’re the newest style! But, is making a “fashion statement” worth risking life and limb? Okay...some of you are probably saying “you bet!” – LOL!

Keep in mind folks, walking onboard a moving vessel is NOT like walking on terra firma! Cruise ships, while highly stabilized, remain subject to “ocean motion!”

No, Lorraine is not suggesting “granny shoes” – just common-sense footwear! Stuff happens – and you sure don’t want to wind up in the infirmary because you “fell off” your towering heels!

If you must wear them – there are several precautions, you can take! If those new soles are slippery – rough them up with sandpaper – or better yet, Dr. Scholl’s makes thin self-adhesive rubber strips that will increase traction. A little foresight could prevent a fashion faux pas like falling on your butt!

“Seasoned” cruisers are fully aware of the pitfalls of favoring fashion over safety! It’s guaranteed that the pool deck will be wet – it’s guaranteed that passengers will spill slippery stuff and not report it to a staff member, much less, clean up after themselves (that’s a future blog) – and it’s guaranteed that one or more cruisers will “take a tumble” and try to blame the cruise line!

Check the cruise lines’ FAQ’s regarding suggested apparel – you will find two magic words to remember when cruising – “RUBBER SOLES.”

Article written by Lorraine Highseas

Certified cruisaholic who’s sole purpose is to help you enjoy one of life’s greatest things to its fullest. Check out her Facebook page by clicking here.

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