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page title: Fishing Reports: Snapper Limits Up to 20 Plus Pounds
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Fishing Reports: Snapper Limits Up to 20 Plus Pounds

Updated 356 days ago

This past week we ran 6 deep sea trips & 2 four hour bay/jetty trips on the "Island Girl". Although the deep sea weather forecasts were for mostly south winds 10-15 knots and seas running 2-3 ft., it was more than that until Monday, when it was a mostly calm day. Our shorter 6-hour deep sea trips have been quite productive catching a variety, good quantity, and size of fish.

Bay/jetty trips last week saw mostly large gafftop while Tuesday's trip saw an abundance of sharks and several keeper Atlantic sharpnose sharks for our group of 13 persons.

Aqua Safari - Red Snapper

Our deep sea trips saw mostly red snapper limits for parties up to 17 persons coming from 13 to 30 nautical miles with nice fish up to 20 plus pounds - Mangrove snapper becoming more abundant. Very rare, we caught several tagged red snapper under sized and released in same spot 26 nautical miles south which were originally tagged off Alabama (more info on that later as info becomes available).

Kingfish becoming more scattered 13 to 30 nautical miles all though some days at the right spot with the right current they were abundant catching 25 on one wreck.

We are still using mostly whole Spanish sardines for top water fish and halves for reef fish, supplemented by some squid and cut bait.

Gray triggerfish season in Federal waters was closed in June and will be closed for July. When the season reopens the minimum federal size limit will be 15 inches fork length.

This past week we also caught and retained Ling, Spanish mackerel, Sennett, Atlantic spade fish, stingray to 100 lbs., whiting, and more. We released remora, spinner sharks, blacktip sharks, triggerfish , and blacknose sharks.

Still no dorado (mahi- mahi ) for us fishing up to 30 miles out this year so far, but no weedlines or significant flotsam found either.  When that does happen, hopefully the fish will be there, Last year we were already catching them in April within 19 miles.

We should see this week with the rain, a drop in air temperatures, and a slight drop in seawater temperature. Good water clarity (blue/green found out beyond 25 miles), but good enough water found for snapper, kingfish, ling, and sharks, within 13 miles.

Have a great week and Happy Independence Day !!

- Captain Paul Stanton

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Article written by Aqua Safari Charters

Aqua Safari Charters offers bay, jetty, and offshore fishing trips for up to 18 fishermen aboard the 42 foot Delta Charter Sportfisherman "Island Girl".