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Five Women. One Saturday.

Updated 381 days ago

On the weekends, I usually do dude things like work in my yard, clean my chicken coop, hang with my dogs, take a boat ride, and drink beer.  When female relatives that aren’t into that kind of thing showed up at my house for the weekend, I had to get creative with my planning. 

My plan was pretty simple - buy some Island Pass tickets.  If you are not familiar with Island Pass, click here.  If you buy 4 attractions, you save up to 40%.

I present our Saturday….

Self-Guided Tour of The Grand 1894 Opera House

I thought we could be in and out of The Grand in ten minutes.  Nope.  These women sat in seats on every floor, oohed and aahed at the view, asked me about the history, and even checked out the bathrooms!  Score 1 for me.

The Grand 1894 Opera House

Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum

As several of my guests have husbands and brothers in the oil industry, I thought they might enjoy the Ocean Star.  Two hours later, I had to drag them out of the museum.  Score 2 for me.

Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum

Photo Op

This was an easy one.  Score 3 for me.

Pretend to be Forrest Gump

Life is like a box of chocolates. Score 4 for me.  Possible loss for Janice Marie.

Railroad Museum

Who doesn’t like a train?  You can imagine – pretending to sip tea in the dining car, waving to imaginary crowds from the last car like Franklin Roosevelt, wondering why chairs are in the bathrooms, etc.  The Railroad Museum was a success.  Score 5 for me.

Lunch at Stuttgarten Tavern

We stopped at the new Shark Shack and Yaga’s Cafe but they were slammed.  That’s when I remembered that Stuttgarden Tavern had just opened up in their new location that was previously home to Fuddruckers. 

On the second floor, we found a table for six and proceeded to stuff our faces with everything from pretzels with gouda fondue,  to sauerkraut balls,  to shepherd’s pie.  It was delicious.  Score 6 for me.

Mass at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

As good Louisiana Catholics, they were worried they would not make it back home in time for Sunday mass.  I suggested the 5:00 pm vigil at St. Patrick’s.  Somehow, they managed to hang out at the church for 30 minutes after massed ended visiting with a local that caught their attention.  I’m not sure what that was all about.  I took the opportunity to settle my nerves at The Press Box.  Score 7 for me.

Dinner at Hearsay

We were still stuffed from lunch, but had reservations at the new Hearsay on the Strand.  Wow!  We managed to sample crab cakes, poblano soup, mahi mahi tacos, baked oysters, lobster tempura, a spicy shrimp sandwich and topped it off with bread pudding and chocolate Godiva cake.  It did not disappoint.  Score 8 for me.

Au Revoir

Sunday morning, I advised them that the ferry line would be long.  I gave them directions to Tanger Outlet, Buc-ee’s, and Beltway 8 then waved good bye.  They made it back to Cajun country safe and sound.  Great weekend.  A win for me. Thank you, Island Pass.  Thank you, Galveston

Article written by Lee Roane

Lee Roane is President of & Company and occasionally is inspired to write a blog.