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Artifacts. Stories.: The Wooden Paver - E1

Updated 390 days ago

After living on the Island for 24 years, I finally dedicated time to learn more of Galveston's colorful history. Wow, I can’t believe how much I've learned! And I’m just beginning.

The beautiful part about this story is that I had a camera with me. I'm very pleased to present Episode One of’s new video series, Artifacts. Stories.

In this episode, Rosenberg Library's Museum Curator, Eleanor Barton, shows a wooden paver that was used to pave Market Street in the 1800s.   The story takes us to the modern-day reconstruction of Market Street and to The Strand, where we'll discuss what life was actually like when that paver was in use.



I understand that this is not a cinematic work of art. I'm simply sharing what I learned. If you have any suggestions for improvement - or story ideas! -  please post them in the Disqus comments below.

To watch Episode Two, The Panoramic Sketch, click here.  For the third episode, Battle of Galveston Part 1 - The Cannon Balls, click here.

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Article written by Lee Roane

Lee Roane is President of & Company and occasionally is inspired to write a blog.

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