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page title: Humans of Galveston: For San Antonio Couple, It's Island Time
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Humans of Galveston: For San Antonio Couple, It's Island Time

Updated 409 days ago

Oscar Balladares and his wife, Katherine, know how to live it up – and that usually means a trip to Galveston. I met the San Antonio couple as they relaxed on The Strand, soaking up the sights and sounds of the Island. Here’s how the conversation went:


Humans: So, you’ve been married 33 years? What’s the formula for a successful marriage?


Katherine: To me, communication is key.


Oscar: You’ve got to really have patience and learn the other person. Get to know them, what they like and what they don’t like. Be courteous of their decisions. You’re alike in a lot of ways – that’s prob why you got married. But respect the differences. It’s all that you’ve built upon.


The win is that in both of your lives you don’t get tired of each other. You enjoy being with each other. You always want to make sure that you want a piece of the person so bad that you’re always trying. You never stop.


Katherine: I believe that you do get to that point in your life where you’re married to your best friend. That’s really what it is.


Humans: What brings you guys to Galveston?


Katherine: We like to visit here. You’re at peace and enjoying life. This place, it does that.


Oscar: We’d come more often if we could. We love the slow pace. The people are so nice and there’s so much to do. If you like art, they’ve got art. If you like shopping, they’ve got shopping. There’s a lot of history, and then you’ve got water. We like to park by the water and just relax and reflect. You really need that.


Humans: What are your dreams and aspirations for America at this time?


Katherine: That people come together. We’re going back in time instead of moving forward. We all need to come together. It’s not about race. It’s about everybody coming together.


Oscar: We’ve got things in common with each other. We have to put everything else aside and learn to be with each other and appreciate each other’s cultures and heritage, and it’ll be a much, much better place for everyone. I want to see that in my lifetime. And if not, I want to see it in my kids’ lifetimes.


Katherine: There’s a lot of great folks that you meet. Look, we met you.


Humans: I’m glad that I met you, too.

Article written by Robert Stanton - Isle Guy

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