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page title: Fishing Reports: Good Red Snapper Presence, Barracuda Caught
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Fishing Reports: Good Red Snapper Presence, Barracuda Caught

Updated 417 days ago

This past week we (Aqua Safari Charters) ran several deep-sea trips and one half-day bay/jetty trip.

On deep-sea trips, we fished from 9 miles to 30 miles offshore. Water was clear from 9 miles on out, but more green water than blue-green.

Still plenty of kingfish on most structures. No problem in getting Federal bag limit (3 fish per person) and more released. Most ling found under 37-inch minimum and released.

A lot of jack crevalle due to green water. Good red snapper quantity and size found beyond 21 miles up to 15 lbs. (release only til Federal season opens for federally permitted charter and party boats like our “Island Girl” (up to 18 passengers for private charters and public (headboat) trips., 2018 red snapper season June 1 through July 21).

Caught our first barracuda of the year close to 15 miles out. A variety of sharks in the green water, Atlantic sharpnose, black nose, sandbar, blacktip and spinner sharks. Still a lot of surface baitfish up current of most structures.

Our top water fish have been mostly caught on drift lines, and very slow bump trolling, using Spanish sardines. No Dorado sighted this past week although last year we had already caught them within 20 miles.

Water 30 miles offshore Sunday was flat calm and like a mirror (Lake of Mexico), little or no wind but a southwest current reason water was more green than blue. Plenty of good non-stop action for us though over rocks and wrecks. Only a short and broken weedline/trash line found early last week and moving offshore from 9 miles and later disappeared.

Our public bay & jetty trip this Tuesday morning had action on spinner sharks, sandbar sharks, whiting and sand trout.

Expecting to see more keeper ling this coming week along with the appearance of Dorado. The opening of red snapper season June 1 should yield an abundance of nice fish.

Let’s go fishing!

-Captain Paul Stanton

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Article written by Aqua Safari Charters

Aqua Safari Charters offers bay, jetty, and offshore fishing trips for up to 18 fishermen aboard the 42 foot Delta Charter Sportfisherman "Island Girl".