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page title: Galveston's Only Electric Bike Rental Shop Opens Downtown
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Galveston's Only Electric Bike Rental Shop Opens Downtown

Updated 420 days ago

Galveston’s only electric bicycle rental shop, Zipp-E-Bikes, is celebrating their grand opening on May 19, 2018, in the island’s Historic Downtown District. Conveniently located across from the Tremont House, at 2311 Mechanic, Zipp-E-Bikes offers riders a broad selection of e-bike types for rent as well as guided e-bike tours of Galveston’s historic areas, the seawall and beach.




“Electric bicycles are rapidly becoming the nation’s cool new, ‘no-sweat’ way to travel,” says Zipp-E-Bikes owner, Seth Leo. “We’ve taken this idea to the next level by offering visitors and locals a fleet of fun and easy-to-ride e-bikes that they can use to explore Galveston or simply have fun running their errands. Zipp-E-Bikes has rental options to fit every occasion; from a quick spin around the Strand before the cruise ship departs to long-term rentals where folks can leave their autos behind and use an e-bike for getting to those places where parking is always a problem,” continued Leo.


Additionally, Zipp-E-Bikes offers e-bike tours. Tour topics include history and architecture, food and pubs or a little bit of everything adventure tour. Guided tours are led by locals who know the off-beat paths and Galveston’s interesting back stories. They use low traffic routes and are paced so that riders aren’t rushed. Zipp-E-Bikes is open 11-7, Thursday through Tuesday. Rentals start at $20 per hour and can be booked online.



Clayton's Testimonial

I caught wind that there was a new business coming to our wonderful Historic Downtown Galveston, so I had to go and check it out! I met up with owner Seth Leo and we took his electric bicycles on a ride down to the Seawall. I was shocked at how awesome these bikes were! The journey from the Zipp-E-Bikes store (located across the street from the Tremont House) to Pleasure Pier took a mere five minutes and little effort.

There are five settings that determine the level of "help" that the bike will provide. If you put the bike on the zero setting it will be like riding any other bike, but if you start going up in modes, a motor will kick in and provide assistance. Feeling a little lazy? The bikes have a throttle that provides acceleration with no peddling at all.

Zipp-E-Bikes provides adventure tours that include history and landmarks that Galveston is known for, all led by knowledgeable tour guides. They even have a 3-D printer that he can use for parts, but Seth said he's only used it to make toys for his kids, so far!

All in all, my experience with Zipp-E-Bikes was wonderful and I reccomend them to everyone who wants to explore the island in a new, unique way!

Article written by Clayton Kolavo

Clayton is the Engagement Strategist for the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau, overseeing the bureau's social media presence and engagement initiatives. He began working in the tourism industry following his graduation from Texas State University with a BS in Public Relations and Mass Communication.