FeatherFest Photo Contest: First Week Winners Announcement

page title: FeatherFest Photo Contest: First Week Winners Announcement
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FeatherFest Photo Contest: First Week Winners Announcement

Updated 288 days ago

The upper Texas coast transforms into a massive avian frat house this time of year, with countless birds winging northward across the Gulf of Mexico from their Central and South American winter bungalows. That probably helps to explain why birders, nature photographers and naturalists outnumber sun worshipers on Galveston during the spring. Prior to the annual Galveston FeatherFest, birders and photographers alike are encouraged to submit their photos for prizes.

The contest runs for four weeks.  Here are the week one winners!  

PhotoFest Week 1 Winners: 


Name: Susan Ellison
Bird Species: Snowy Plover 
Location: San Luis Pass, Galveston, TX.
Title: Strolling along the waves

Name: Mike Madding
Bird Species: White-winged Dove
Location: Sabine Woods
Title: White-winged Dove Display

Name: Dan Lotan
Bird Species: Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Location: Cypress, Texas
Title: Drinking Deeply

To see preivous winners and contest details, visit the FeatherFest website.

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