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page title: Galveston Restaurant Review: Galvez Bar & Grill
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Galveston Restaurant Review: Galvez Bar & Grill

Updated 597 days ago

Most folks know the historic Hotel Galvez & Spa for its historic glamour and its allure as its perched just inside the shoreline – staring into the apparent infinity of the Gulf of Mexico. But, did you know it also houses a fine dining establishment (And ghosts. And stories. And a spa. Oh my!)? And quite the fancy bar and lobby area?

The Galvez Bar & Grill is perhaps most notably known for its Sunday brunch, but that is another review in and of itself. For this endeavor, we chose a late afternoon dinner.

Ocean views, grand heights, Galveston history, and Gulf Coast style joined us for our dining affair. We started with the Bacon Wrapped Shrimp – smoked pepper BBQ glaze, jalapeno, pepper jack cheese and garlic dipping sauce. Honestly, these were quite surprising and perhaps some of the best bacon wrapped shrimp we’d ever eaten. Even though you can’t go wrong when wrapping something in bacon, sometimes folks get lazy with the bacon. These were an exception. The BBQ glaze is killer.

After licking our fingers clean – maybe we did, maybe we didn’t – we each dove into our main courses.

My dining partner chose the Angus Filet – an 8-ounce filet with an ancho-spiked demi-glaze. And she wasn’t disappointed. The meat was cooked to her liking. Tender. Flavorful. Close to spectacular. The meat choices are served with gorgonzola scalloped potatoes and grilled veggies. All tasty and every last bite eaten.

I chose the Spicy Pasta dish – penne pasta, shrimp, andouille, grilled chicken, roasted tomatoes in a garlic cream sauce with parmesan and Gouda cheeses. The rather large portion pleasantly surprised me. I couldn’t take it all down in one sitting. My only critique was that I had to pull the tails off of the shrimp – a minor flaw in a rather tasty and filling selection. There was enough to even share a bit. Dessert was the house cheesecake. Nothing unique or boisterous about it. Could have been creamier. But it did the trick.

Pricing is on par with local steakhouse pricing. In our opinion, the pasta dish is well worth the price paid do to the quantity of food on the plate. There are fancier and more buzz worthy restaurants, but none rival the view nor the experience of the Galvez front yard, the Gulf of Mexico backdrop with the splash of Galveston’s finest heyday charm.

Article written by Galveston Restaurant Review