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The Cruise Lady: Don't They Ever Sleep?

Updated 1217 days ago BlogLorraine is referring here to the cruise lines’ bean counters!” Seems as if they’re “at it” 24/7 figuring out ways to nickel, dime, and dollar us to death!

First it was messing with what had always been complimentary room service (gratuity optional) – then the beverage package fees – now RCL and Celebrity have increased daily “automatic gratuities” from $12.00 to $12.95. Okay – it’s not the pithily 95 cents, it’s the PRINCIPLE!

Lorraine has never balked at “gratuities” – in fact she more than willingly rewards those hard-working individuals who strive to make the cruise experience more enjoyable – but let’s face it – “automatic gratuity” is an oxymoron – why the lines don’t just include such in the cruise fare remains a mystery!

They’re tinkering with the specialty dining venues as in addition to the $35 per person “cover charge” at one line’s Steakhouse – surcharges are applied to certain items (i.e. lobster is a PLUS $21.50) and before you fork it over -think: When was the last time you saw a live lobster tank on a cruise ship?

Okay – so the fact remains you do not have to indulge in costly “extras” if you choose not to – BUT – it seems as if “tier pricing” (read: “class system”) is creeping its way into cruising. How long will it be before “steerage” passengers are barred from certain venues?

Oops – think it’s already happened – some lines reserve dining areas for suite guests only.....and of course – there are those “loyalty clubs” – don’t even think about getting in without the proper credentials – LOL!

Article written by Lorraine Highseas

Certified cruisaholic who’s sole purpose is to help you enjoy one of life’s greatest things to its fullest. Check out her Facebook page by clicking here.

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