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page title: Humans of Galveston: Island Fun Means Tricycles Built For Two
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Humans of Galveston: Island Fun Means Tricycles Built For Two

Updated 619 days ago

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out how to have fun on the island. All it takes is two electric-powered tricycles, and Galveston residents Travis and Cathy are in the groove. The couple has been together 22 years and moved to the island in 2004.

Oh, and we can’t leave out their two laid-back Chihuahuas, Dominique and Butter Butt.

Each day without fail, the retired real estate professionals hop on their electric tricycles at their Back Bay subdivision home near Moody Gardens, and with their doggies in tow make their way to Seawall Boulevard.

From there, they head east to McDonald’s at East Beach, where they treat Dominique and Butter Butt to some Chicken McNuggets and ice cream. Here’s what they told Humans of Galveston:

Travis, retired U.S. Navy veteran

“These electric tricycles are the way to go. Her’s will do 19 mph and mine will do 27 (mph). She has 21 gears, I only have one. She also has a solar panel that will keep her phone charged up. The electric motors are equal to 1-1/4 horsepower and they’ll go for about 40 miles.

“We’ve been riding trikes for the last ten years … just regular ones. And then last year we started looking into electric, gas and all that stuff. So we got the electric bikes because we didn’t want the smell of gas and all that mess.

“We found mine first. A guy named Rick in Houston built that one. It’s a regular trike but he extended it and then put the buddy seat on it. I’ve got like a motorcycle seat that goes on back. You can carry two people on it.

“And then she got hers. The guy that built this one put it all together and he was going to ride all the way to Florida, through all the different states. He was going to picket for animal rights. But when he hit the county line, they turned him back. He had to have a permit in each state that he went through, so he abandoned the project. He rode it for about a year and sold it to us.”

Does it get any better than being able to be with this wonderful lady on electric tricycles, with your two beautiful dogs?

“This is paradise, man. I’ll tell you what, we love it here. She’s from Minnesota and the heat gets to her in the summertime. I was born and raised in Texas so it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Cathy’s on the same page.

“We have fun. We enjoy life.”

Article written by Robert Stanton - Isle Guy

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