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Ryson Vacation Rentals Lending a Helping Hand

Updated 623 days ago

Due to Hurricane Harvey, there is great need for housing for those displaced by flooding and for workers and contractors here to aid in the relief efforts. Galveston fared well and is now in a unique position to help our neighbors.

Ryson Real Estate and Vacation Rentals has stepped in to serve the community by supplying short- and long-term housing for individuals and relief workers impacted by Harvey, including those with housing vouchers. With 199 vacation rentals to choose from on Galveston island, Ryson has already helped house over 85 families.

Additionally, Ryson has partnered with Raymond Banks Construction & Disaster Recovery by providing job opportunities for evacuees and helping families recover by cleaning, reconstructing, and assisting families to get back in their homes.

Ryson is there to help. They appreciate and want to support the community during this time of disaster recovery. Visit Ryson's website for more information.

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