Galveston Humane Society Helping with Relief Efforts

page title: Galveston Humane Society Helping with Relief Efforts
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Galveston Humane Society Helping with Relief Efforts

Updated 473 days ago

Although Galveston Island escaped relatively unscathed, Hurricane Harvey left countless pets displaced in other parts of Galveston County.  In addition to animals being removed from flooded homes and high waters in the area by volunteer rescue squads, animal shelters on the mainland received many pets from people being housed in shelters. At the same time, many families being sent to FEMA housing have been reluctantly turning to animal shelters for temporary housing for their animals.



Thankfully, the Galveston Island Humane Society, was not damaged during the storm and is able to help. They have become the central point for receiving and distributing food and supplies for Galveston County and placing animals in shelters around the country. Many of the county shelters, including the Galveston Island Humane Society, have evacuated their hundreds of adoptable pets to organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States or the Houston SPCA to be sent across the county to make room for the displaced pets in the community. 

Caroline Dorsett-Pate, Executive Director of our local shelter, and a group of volunteers and staff have been working long hours to provide support. They have established a distribution center in a donated space downtown.  Hundreds of pallets of food and supplies have been received from around the country from caring individuals along with corporate sponsors.  It is being sorted and distributed to other county shelters as needed. Additional supplies are being housed at the Galveston Humane Society's conference room. 

Pate says that dry and canned kitten and puppy food, and cleaning supplies are the most needed. Gift cards are also valuable to fill the void of missing or used items. 

Of course, cash donations are being accepted.  Visit

Article written by Lee Roane

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