Giant Tarpon Caught Off the Galveston Coast

page title: Giant Tarpon Caught Off the Galveston Coast

Giant Tarpon Caught Off the Galveston Coast

By: Clayton Kolavo | Sunday, November 05, 2017 9:18 AM

On August 20, 2017, Shane LaRue reeled in a massive, potential record-breaking Tarpon in Galveston, Texas. Shane was accompanied by his dad and captain, Mike LaRue, for this historic catch. 

After the catch, the family duo docked up at Pelican Rest Marina for the weigh-in. Pelican Rest is a certified weigh station for the International Game Fish Association, CCA Texas Star and Texas Parks and Wildlife, and is billed by the owner as the "Gateway to Galveston." There, the Tarpon weighed in at an astounding 229 pounds, 90+ inches long with a 47 inch girth. That is one large fish. 

Interesting fact: Most weigh stations only weigh up to an average of  ~100 pounds, but Pelican Rest can weigh up to 20 times that amount at 2,000 pounds. That is the highest weight a weigh station has in the state of Texas. 

In potential record-breaking fashion, these fishermen celebrated with a shot called "Woo-Woo." The Woo Woo drink is toasted in the fishing community when a large or special fish is reeled in. A Woo-Woo shot consists of vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice and was taken by these folks to cap off an amazing catch! Number 13, the restaurant at the marina, has a large bull mascot in their parking lot that was named Woo Woo after the celebration.  

Article written by Clayton Kolavo

Clayton Kolavo is the newest member of the & Company family. Clayton oversees planning, implementation, and evaluation of public relations and marketing activities, including promotions, video production, blogs, and social media. Serves as Director of TV and Galveston Restaurant Week, as well as media liaison between the firm and local tourism partners.