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Postoffice Street Treats

Updated 744 days ago

Postoffice Street may not have the reputation and cache of a Bourbon Street or 6th Street, but it’s certainly one of the most interesting, diverse and eclectic avenues in the state. Its downtown proximity in the historic arts and entertainment District puts you right in the mix of everything that makes Galveston so cool, including some of the best niche eateries anywhere.

If while strolling along Postoffice and your stomach starts making strange noises, pop into one of these shops and enjoy one of their signature treats and everything will soon be right in the world. 

Ice Cream Nachos at Hey Mikey’s (2120 Postoffice)
If you love ice cream and haven’t visited this place, you may be suffering from permanent brain freeze. Whether your tastes run toward traditional vanilla or exotic fare like chocolate chipotle, you’ll find something to dazzle your taste buds. The ice cream nachos are an example of the creativity that owner Mike Bouvier infuses into every creation. Take four scoops of ice cream, waffle cone chips and four toppings and put the rest of the world on hold.

Bread Pudding at Rudy & Paco (2028 Postoffice)
The old world grandeur of The Grand 1894 Opera House, located right next door, has obviously rubbed off on this wonderful little bistro. Simply put: the bread pudding here has to be tasted to be believed. The bourbon sauce will get your attention, but the ice cream topping makes it truly decadent. 

Fresh Squeezed Maragaritas at Taquilo’s (2101 Postoffice)
All of that strolling along Postoffice is likely to make you a bit thirsty, and that’s where the fresh squeezed margaritas at Taquilo’s come in. This spot has earned a reputation for serving up margaritas as fresh as the morning dew on an agave plant. Start with the house margarita, with its solid Cuervo foundation, and you can’t go wrong.

Seafood Gumbo at Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar (2107 Postoffice)
Little Daddy’s separates itself from the gumbo competition by utilizing a steam kettle cooking technique, and while I can’t explain exactly how that cooking process works, I can attest that it works wonders on gumbo. Loaded with shrimp, crab and oysters, this is one bowl of gumbo that you won’t soon forget. Wash it down with a selection from their impressive beer list and you may just decide to end your stroll right here.

Espresso Brownies at Mod Coffeehouse (2126 Postoffice)
Being located in a building that survived the 1900 hurricane gives this quaint, old school coffee house plenty of charm and gravitas, but it’s the delightful espresso brownies—combining the best qualities of espresso and chocolate—that will make you swear you’ve gone to chocolaty, hyper-caffeinated heaven.

Article written by Rod Evans

A veteran journalist, writer and editor with experience in print, broadcast and online media. I am the former editor in chief of Health & Fitness Sports Magazine in Houston and am currently a freelance writer.