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Galveston Restaurant Review: Willie G's Seafood & Steaks

Updated 759 days ago

Dining by the water is an Island experience, and for some of us locals, Pier 21 dining is optimal. For an up-close experience of equal parts water, ease, and good eats, Willie G’s offers some of the best.

Recently our party of three – 2 adults (technically) and one elementary-aged patron - found ourselves in a celebration of sorts, so we got dead-set on a full course spread.

Grabbing a window seat so we could snatch some seaworthy scenes, we settled in to fill our bellies. (In cooler weather and random dry fronts, outdoor deck dining is tops). All in all, Willie G’s delivers stylish dining with comfort.

The extensive menu offered us the pleasure and challenge to choose our courses. We went for the off-the-menu appetizer treat – the chef’s special appetizer of the day – lobster bites. The lightly breaded and fried chunks of lobster were drizzled in a delicious tangy mayo-based sauce. Perhaps the highlight of the first course surprised us all: cole slaw. Seriously. One of us doesn’t even like cole slaw and proceeded to fight off the other 2 in our party for the remaining bits.

The dining adults ordered the Shrimp Enchiladas with roasted poblano cream sauce, Monterey Jack cheese, and Texas rice & black bean soup with crab, and the Skewered Tenderloin Tips Paired with shrimp Cabo. We had high hopes for the shrimp enchilada dish but found it wanting for more kick and more cream to the sauce. The skewered tenderloin tips were perfectly tender, but the showstoppers in this meal were the shrimp Cabo. (Patrons can order a Shrimp Cabo plate – we recommend!). The youngest diner chose the kid menu item of fried fish and French fries, with a bowl of ketchup on the side (because: kids). Gobbling it up, this diner recommends Willie G’s fried fish, ketchup, and the coloring menu.

  • Dessert Recommendation: Sweet Treats “Favorite 4” for a sampling of Willie G’s best delights. Highly recommend the Key Lime Pie.
  • Overall adult review: Good food, great view, and perfect vibe that mixes classic white tablecloth elegance with comfort. Two snaps for a welcoming atmosphere for kids.
  • Overall kid review: “good crayons and paper games” “good food, but not as good as Grandma makes.”
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