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page title: Dustin Chase Interviews Jack Black and the Cast of "Goosebumps"
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Dustin Chase Interviews Jack Black and the Cast of "Goosebumps"

Updated 767 days ago

If you had a child in elementary or middle school during the years of 1992 – 2008, odds are they have probably read at least one of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps books. You can even still get copies of the old, classic editions at Galveston Bookshop and, of course, the library. Stine is one of the best-selling authors in America, even selling more copies than Stephen King. Goosebumps, the perfect blend of suspense and spine tingle, has finally been adapted into a major motion picture.

Various false starts throughout the years have all led up to comedian Jack Black (Bernie, School of Rock) playing author Stine in a fictional story that captures all of the beloved Goosebumps villains and monsters. Black reteams with Gulliver’s Travels director to bring the books alive.

Jack Black, and the cast of Goosebumps, including Scandal’s Dylan Minnette, dropped by Houston to promote their upcoming Halloween-timed flick. I hadn’t seen Black since meeting him in Austin for the press conference during Bernie -  he came in singing gospel songs from that film; here it was early in the morning, but the cast seemed really proud of their work. I discussed Black portraying a real person under fictional circumstances, which he admitted he received Stine’s approval. Black is also the voice behind Slappy ventriloquist, the series most reoccurring monster, and Stine alter ego. The cast also offered up the title of their favorite Goosebumps story.

Director Rob Letterman certainly fares better with this one than the previous outing with Black, but make no mistake, Goosebumps still has the young demographic in mind. There are lessons of friendship, bravery and even love, but this is a family film. Minnette actually steals the show from Black, who admits he likened his Stine to that of Orson Welles. Goosebumps opens in theaters everywhere Oct 16th.

Article written by Dustin Chase

Dustin is an arts & entertainment blogger for & Company, and Film Editor for Galveston-based Texas Art & Film.

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