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Updated 1384 days ago

We ventured into Blvd. Seafood on a summer Sunday evening. It is nice to have another locally owned restaurant choice on Seawall! We had reservations because the place always looks packed. Business was slow when we arrived but soon picked up. It was one of those days with deep blue water right up to the beach and our table had a lovely view of the Gulf, but of course all tables have that great view. The renovation of an old building is striking and elegantly Galveston: kind of a vintage diner look but clean, sleek and casual. The walls have posters of historic local photographs and tables have booklets with more old photos.

The many beverage choices include a variety of wines by bottle, glass and ìflightsî for your own personal wine tasting. There are several beer choices, including local and Texas draughts plus the usual standbys. We enjoyed a waiter-endorsed Cabernet. The all-seafood "shareable" appetizer list was tantalizing and I believe any of those could probably be a meal for the smaller appetite. The "greens and soup" list was appealing as well and I chose a Blvd House Salad. It was quite generous with fresh greens, feta cheese, strawberries, spiced pecans and a delightful fig vinaigrette dressing. My companion started with a cup of gumbo. It was thick with a deep roux and lots of shrimp crab and sausage.

The limited but amazingly diverse menu made choosing an entree difficult because I wanted to try everything.

The "Gulf Coast Flat Fish Stack" won me over, promising broiled flounder and crab cake. The flounder fillet was quite fresh and was wrapped around the crab cake, which was also fresh and creamy with a touch of pecans. The mornay sauce topping was a bit strong for the delicate flounder and could have been better with a milder cheese, in my humble opinion. Sides included a perfect mushroom risotto with plump rice and a nutty rich flavor, and tender-crisp green beans. The serving was so generous that it provided an extra meal the next evening.

My companion, always the red snapper aficionado, ordered the pecan-crusted version from the "fins and farm" list. The crust was subtle and did not overwhelm the delicate flavor of the snapper. Sides were velvety rich scalloped potatoes with a peppery "bite" and, asparagus sauteed to perfection. The snapper came with a tag pinpointing its Gulf origin.

Of course we had to sample the seasonal dessert menu. How could we resist "Momma's recipe" bread pudding with chantilly cream? It was a delightful recipe, very light and not the dense heavy version we often find. Plenty for both of us.

The space can be a bit noisy but the background music was at a level that covers the conversations without being overwhelming. Blvd is well-staffed and the waiters were personable, attentive and knowledgeable and did not rush service. The dress code is casual and there were several families with children in attendance.

All in all, we loved this place. The food was delicious, the venue enjoyable, and our experience positive. I want to try everything on the menu! It is always a delight when a restaurant lives up to the buzz. Blvd definitely does.

Article written by Galveston Restaurant Review