Restaurant Week Spotlight: Our Favorite FRESHtaurants

page title: Restaurant Week Spotlight: Our Favorite FRESHtaurants
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Restaurant Week Spotlight: Our Favorite FRESHtaurants

Updated 193 days ago

Here on Galveston Island, we love to eat. And Galveston Restaurant Week offers both locals and visitors alike the opportunity to select from a variety of dynamic dining menus, with plenty of options at every price point and style of cuisine.

True, the Island is certainly legendary for its fresh, Gulf Coast seafood. And it's equally revered for its array of tantalizing steakhouses and continental-inspired hideaways. But for today's Restaurant Week Spotlight, we focus on two eateries that have carved out an unforgettable niche for both their culinary creativity as well as their garden-fresh recipes. They're what we choose to call "freshtaurants."

Of course, we're talking about Mosquito Cafe and EATcetera.

Mosquito Cafe

Since 1999, Mosquito Cafe has dazzled Island residents and visitors with an ever-changing, ever-enchanting menu that never disappoints. Their salads? Quite simply, unparalleled. The selection of sandwiches? Creativity unrivaled. And the pastas, and the bowls, and the breakfasts, and the chalkboard specials? Each and every piece of the puzzle reflects Mosquito's never-flinching commitment to freshness.

For Restaurant Week, Mosquito is offering a lunch menu for $17.99 per person, and a 3-course dinner menu for $24.99 per person. And from the looks of things, they're ready to dazzle yet again. Feast your eyes at your choices for lunch:

  • Warm Goat Cheese Salad: (with grilled chicken upon request) a crusted medallion of goat cheese atop mixed greens, sun dried tomatoes, figs and toasted pine nuts with homemade champagne vinaigrette
  • Asian Beef Bowl: sliced grilled fresh filet mignon atop angel hair pasta, mixed greens, pickled ginger, sweet peppers, shredded carrots, red cabbage, cilantro, and green onions tossed in a tamari sesame vinaigrette (served cold) (may substitute chicken or shrimp)
  • Shrimp or Steak Tacos: choice of grilled shrimp or grilled filet mignon stuffed in soft corn tortillas with mixed greens, chipotle sauce, fresh pico de gallo, homemade salsa served with brown rice and black beans or your choice of a side
  • Island Slammer: grilled shrimp, hickory smoked peppered bacon, Swiss, fresh tomato, red leaf lettuce, and garlic-herb mayo on a French baguette with your choice of a side
  • Shrimp Cake Sliders: three delicious homemade shrimp cakes topped with island sauce and shredded romaine lettuce served on PattyCakes potato rolls with your choice of a side
  • Fish du Jour: grilled wild sockeye salmon topped with chef's chimichurri sauce with your choice of two sides
  • Thai Burger: fresh Certified Angus beef patty, bell peppers, shredded lettuce, shredded carrots, cilantro, ginger, and peanut sauce on PattyCakes hamburger bun with your choice of a side
For dinner, Mosquito absolutely pulls out all the stops, offering - hey, it's our blog! - some of our all-time, mouth-watering, fugue-state inducing favorites! After a snappy beginning with either a dinner salad or choice of soup of the day? Dive into these Mosquito legends:
  • Chicken Paillard: panko crusted chicken breast topped with mozzarella and roasted red pepper sauce served with parmesan mashed potatoes and the fresh vegetable of the day
  • Senegalese Vegetables: (with grilled chicken upon request) vegetables (may include) fresh green beans, cauliflower, carrots, snow peas, bok choy, onions, petite peas, water chestnuts, broccoli and bean sprouts atop brown rice with a light peanut sauce, toasted almonds and toasted coconut
  • Grilled Fish Tacos Baja Style: two soft corn tortilla tacos stuffed with panko crusted tilapia and shredded cabbage served with chipotle sauce, homemade salsa, fresh pico de gallo, refried black beans, and brown rice
  • Grandma's Meatloaf: three generation family recipe drizzled with Grandma's sauce served with parmesan mashed potatoes and the fresh vegetable of the day
  • Far East End: grilled medium rare ahi tuna with angel hair pasta, cucumbers, sweet peppers, shredded carrots and pickled ginger over mixed greens served with three Asian sauces (spicy sambal vinaigrette, tamari sesame vinaigrette, and wasabi cream)

Both lunch and dinner menus offer another thing Mosquito is wildly-famous for - sweets! How about a Mosquito-sized Cookie, one of their divine Homemade Bars, the homestyle Peach Cobbler, or a giant slice of Cake? Like everything else you'll experience at Mosquito? Nothing short of perfect.

Moving from 14th Street westward to downtown and 25th Street, you'll discover one of Galveston's best-kept secrets. Recently voted "Best Place for Vegetarian Cuisine" in's 2016 Best of the Island Awards, EATcetera is famous for its relaxing, friendly vibe; understated elegance, and health-conscious dining alternatives. The focus here, once again, is on freshness and a true love of natural, less-is-more simplicity.

For Restaurant Week, EATcetera ia offering an all-day menu for just $15. After a starter of Soup of the Day, you're invited to choose one of the following sandwiches or paninis:

  • Hickory Smoked Turkey with Chipotle Cream: bell pepper, cured onions, dressed field greens
  • Thai Style Beef Sandwich: carrots, Daikon radish, cucumber, Sriracha mayonnaise, with cilanto & sesame dressing. Vegan & vegetarian options available.
  • Bacon, Mozzarella & Tomato Panini: with habanero aioli & baby spinach
  • Cuban Style Panini with Ham: Genoa salami, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard & pickles

But save room! Dessert choices include a Double Chocolate Torte with raspberry coulis or Creme Brulee Cheescake.

Remember! Participating in Galveston Restaurant Week is easy! There are no passes to buy, no coupons to carry, and no cards to punch, only a quick call to the restaurant of your choice to make reservations; then simply dine out now thru January 22nd! Reservations are strongly recommended to make sure you're able to sample your favorite flavors! The public is invited to experience cuisine that will amplify your palate and highlight the fun of dining on Galveston Island. Quite simply, this culinary tradition promises to "celebrate delicious!" like no other event of the year.

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